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• Beginner Level : White, Yellow, Orange belt

• Intermediate Level : Green, Blue, Purple belt

• Advanced Level : Red, Red stripe, Brown belt

※ Student train for 2~4 month for level up

• Brown stripe belt – Preparation for Black Belt

※ World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters KUK KI WON issue world’s one and only authorized

Tae Kwon Do (Dan) Certification


⇒ Student take a promotion test for level up

   Student having Motivation and Confidence through promotion test



◈ Trophy : Student receive Trophy in promotion test  when They get  Orange belt , Blue belt and Red belt .

□ Challenge card : Student receive Challenge card when They                              perform Confidence,  Discipline in class .

                                  Student receive Challenge card when They bring                  School test with good score                     

▣ Patch : Student receive Taekwondo Patch when They collect 7 challenge cards and bring to promotion test .



◆ BLACK BELT TEST : Student receive Black belt Trophy with student’s name on

                                                                        Black belt with student’s name on the belt

                                                                   Black belt uniform with Kukkiwon patch

                                              Kuk Ki Won - Dan Certificate

※ The Challenge Tae Kwon Do school is affiliated with Kuk ki won ( The world         

 Tae Kwon Do Federation ).  Students will receive black belt certificates from

Kuk Ki Won in Korea .

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